AHMINI change of partnership from public to private sector

On the occasion of the Women’s Day March 08, 2021, the founder of the Start-Up #Ahmini Mr. Maher Khlifi announced the change in the work strategy of the organization; This change aims to open up to the private sector in order to save the best social project in the MENA Middle East and North Africa region, because of the obstacles and administrative obstructions.

Mr. Maher stressed the importance of promoting projects for the benefit of women in rural areas in different sectors, such as the transport of women workers in agriculture; the sector of social coverage and insurance against work accidents.

Mr. Maher expressed his intentions to go forward to improve the circumstances and the environment in which rural women work.

In a the media interview, the founder of #Ahmini declared the inauguration of the first World Organization EMPAWRA for the protection and integration into the social, economic and cultural life of rural women, aiming at their protection by all legal means and international rights promulgated in its favor, and agreed bilaterally between Tunisia and international organizations.

And at the same time, Mr. Maher Khlifi, condemned the systematic practices against his project since its launch, because since then the number of rural women was to reach 86,000 members while today we find that the number of female registered did not exceed 13,000, and the women who had a unique identifier did not exceed 2,000 women.