Ahmini obtains the label “Startup Act” IN TunisiA


ON  January the 7th 2020, Ahmini obtains the label “Startup Act” from the Tunisian Ministry of Technologies of Communication  and Digital Economy


  • The Startups Portal:
    Thought to be the point of interaction of the Startup in order to apply for the Startup Label and benefit from the associated advantages. The Portal will evolve to integrate other functionalities in order to facilitate the administrative operations of Startups.
  • Any Startup has the right to open a special foreign currency account which it can freely contribute with the capital, turnover and dividends in foreign currency. The Startup invests, freely and without authorization, the assets of this account to acquire material or immaterial goods, to create subsidiaries abroad and to take participations in companies abroad.
  • Corporate tax:
    Startups are exempt from corporate tax.
  • The Technological Card:
    The limit of the Technology Card is raised to 100 kDT / year for Startups.
  • The Authorized Economic Operator:
    Startups are considered Authorized Economic Operators within the meaning of the Customs Code.
  • Homologation:
    Startups are exempt from the approval and technical control procedures of CERT (Center for Studies and Research in Telecommunications) on import.